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The importance of the area is because of the diversity of bird species found their which for example is a roosting and feeding area for sea gulls, terns, and other avian species. Because its shoreline location is on the western most tip of Africa means that it is one of the stop-overs on the flight path for many Palearctic migrants species. Among these are Caspian terns, black winged stilt, black backed gull. In 2006, 76 species of birds (marine and woodland), were recorded from Bolong Fenyo. Fauna:
So far 11 reptilian species and 16 mammal species have been recorded. Past the shoreline there are 3 crab species, bottle nose dolphins and Humpback bottle nose dolphins, mudskippers and jellyfish. The green turtle which is a threatened species also comes to lay its eggs on the beach.Birding spots in Gambia are: Bund Road Birding; Cape Creek; Fajara Golf Course; Kutu Bridge; Brufut Woodland; Tanji Bird Reserve; Abuko Bird Reserve; Piccalaa Lodge; Tujereng Woods; San Yang Greek Lagoon; Marakissa Woods; Gunjur Woods; Darsalami Woods; Mandinaba Wood; Farasuta Wood; Sifoe Woods; Pirang Bonto Forest; Faraba Bantang Rice Fields; Kartong Sand Mine and Wetland; vogel; birds; birding; vogel spotten; bird-watching; Gambia; vogelen is bij vogelaars; bird watchers; regiobeeldbank; beeldbank; image bank; studio van leuveren