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The reptile farm (locally known as snake farm) is located near the Kartong beach. Inside a well preserved forest you will see various of Gambian reptiles such as puff adders, rock pythons, royal pythons, sand snakes, beauty snakes, herald snakes, spiting cobras, wolf snakes, night adders, geckos, Agama lizards, Nile monitor lizard, African mud turtle, pelomedusa subrufa turtle, bell’s hinged back turtle, crocodiles, Senegalese chameleons, geckos, as well as non-reptiles such as centipedes. Some are extremely dangerous but some others like python are not dangerous and have been tamed. Those one, if you want it, you will be able to touch them and take pictures of them in your hands. The dangerous snakes are kept as a safe distance.

The Gambia Reptile Farm is set up not as a zoo but as a research center to collect more information about reptiles and to educate local people about the benefits of having snakes in their local environment, for example in keeping the mice and rat population under control. The Reptile Farm encourages people to get rather closer to snakes than they might normally choose.